The Return of the King

Hello loyal readers and newcomers! Over roughly the past 8 months (heck lets make it 18) this blog has been disappointingly dead. There have been a few sizable posts within that time frame, but overall I’ve been focusing on other things – namely school and work. Fortunately summer is upon us and I can now focus on this blog which is truly my passion. I love to write, especially about film, and this blog allows me to share that feeling with others. For me, there are few better sensations in this world than knowing someone is reading what you wrote (and enjoying it). Offering an opinion on films, current events, or whatever you want, and publishing it, lets the readers in on the type of person you really are. That is a risky proposition in today’s technologically advanced, privacy deprived society, but it is also one I am willing, no wanting to take. I hope you have as much fun making the connection as I do.

Look forward for more “Stuff on My Mind” “Tom Cruise Tribute” and “Best of 2005” posts in the near future. Maybe in that order.

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