Review: An Inconvenient Truth C

A Film Review By Stefan Vlahov

There is nothing uglier than politicizing an issue that will affect millions , if not billions of people worldwide. There aren’t many issues in existence that are like that, in fact I can only think of global warming as an issue like that. So the fact that Al Gore and Davis Guggenheim have chosen exactly that issue to be politicized really has my panties in a bunch. Yes, I just referred to my panties. Vomit bags are not included.

Of course if director Guggenheim didn’t want to politicize the issue he could have chosen a whole different speaker altogether like a network newscaster or maybe even Ralph Nader if you want to go to an extreme. Still, he chose Al Gore who is probably the worst person he could have chosen. Even Bill Clinton would have been a better fit for this movie. Gore is a bad choice because he is using this film to jump-start his presidential campaign, and while it’s the most creative jump compared to everyone else’s, it’s still ugly.

The film is basically a speech/narration by Al Gore of various slides/videos/CGI creations that show the effects of Global Warming in the present and future. It’s not really a documentary, it’s more like a speech. It’s amazing what films pass themselves off as documentaries these days. I mean, what’s next really? If this is a documentary, so is every taped speech by a political figure ever. Why don’t we start screening the State of the Union addresses in theatres? Which brings me to the next reason I didn’t like this film. It’s not theatre-worthy. The only reason this was released was so it could raise Gore some extra campaign money, which is again – really ugly of him.

Gore is also not a very good speaker. While he only mentions how the presidency was stolen from him once, he is acting as if this would have been prevented if he had been elected president. What he doesn’t mention is that most of the Global Warming acceleration occurred during the 90’s when he was Vice-President. Gore gives that away by sounding way too rehearsed which signaled to me that he doesn’t really know much about the subject and that he is only doing this as a campaign issue. And of course he is ugly and annoying, I forgot to mention that, which adds to the unsightliness of this movie.

Overall, I liked the slides as they do shock, although I didn’t like the rehearsed “Oh My God!!!!” coming from an audience member after like every picture. I mean, if you’re going to fake it and use actors, at least use good ones. The graphics used to show the flooding of Florida are also nice, although they look like Google Earth with some add-ons. The images here are real and the message they send by themselves is shocking enough to make an impact, but that impact is dulled by the ugliness and horrid narrative that surrounds it. This film is a missed opportunity only because it makes global warming a left/right issue, and politicizes something that doesn’t need to be. This is a world issue and Democrats are not the only ones who care. Others do too, and the fact that Gore shows himself as the only person who cares is offensive and really ugly. I don’t ever want to see this movie again, because it annoyed the Hell out of me.

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