Review: The Proposition A-

A Film Review By Stefan Vlahov

These days, Westerns are few and far between. So when anything even resembling a western comes along I’m there as soon as you can say the word western. In fact, I think it was my expectation of The Proposition to be a western that made me like it so much, because the film blind-sided me as much as it did. This film is many things, and while it does have western elements it is definitely something different, just don’t expect me to tell you what that is. It’s a weird film. One moment you’re looking at a head explode, the next you’re enjoying the beauty of the Australian outback. It’s that type of contrast that director John Hillcoat constantly brings to his film, that definitely makes it a fun and diverse experience. It’s a film of over-indulgence by the filmmakers on everything except dialogue. There is a lot of staring, a lot of camera movements that build atmosphere, and a lot of gore that is so real, both in feel and aesthetics, that will even make people who can watch Land of the Dead: Unrated Cut without cringing turn away.

Speaking of deaths, is anyone else sick of John Hurt dying in all his recent films? I mean there is this one, V for Vendetta, The Skeleton Key, Hellboy. Stop dying John! I mean, just because he’s old doesn’t mean that he should be killed off in every movie.

Anyways I recommend this, if you want a moody, violent, and challenging film in the vein of Terrence Malick. But if you’re looking for a John Ford-type film, forget it.

3 thoughts on “Review: The Proposition A-

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