Quick Review: The Benchwarmers C

A Film Review By Stefan Vlahov

What’s worse than a cliched sports comedy? One that includes unnecessary gross-out scenes to add an edge to it’s all too predictable screenplay? Yes, that’s right! And that is exactly what this film is. The film stars Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Jon Heder (a hellish combination of actors if there ever was one) as three misfits who decide to stand up for themselves against the bullies of a local Little League baseball team. So their plan is to play three on nine? Yes, and I wasn’t surprised by the stupidity of that unlikely scenario considering the horrible Allen Covert co-wrote the freaking script> Although I doubt a script existed for this thing. The only funny bits involve Jon Lovitz as the coach of the three-man team. Lovitz’s hiumor is crisp and his delivery is as always above par. One question I had was, why no cameo by Adam Sandler? This is one of only two Happy Madison production he has not made an appearance in (the other one was Grandma’s Boy) and cameos are usually a part of the reason I look forward to Happy Madison films. They are frequently funny. As far as this film is concerned though, even Heder fans will get sick of his Napoleon Dynamite schtick.

7 thoughts on “Quick Review: The Benchwarmers C

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