Quick Review: Ask the Dust B

A Film Review By Stefan Vlahov

This has been legendary filmmaker Robert Towne’s dream project for almost 20 years. It tells the story of Mexican beauty Camilla (Salma Hayek) who wants to marry a rich American so as to rise above her seemingly pre-determined life of work and Depression-Era poverty. Her plans don’t work out though, because she meets and falls in love with a struggling Italian author by the name of Arturo Bandini (Colin Farrell). The films examines their struggle with love they don’t want and their hopeless romance. This is probably the film to watch if you want to see the definition of the phrase ‘hopeless romantics.’ Farrell does a great job in a role that calls for all emotions to be put on screen. Hayek is not that successful though, and she almost ruins the film, but her nude scenes cancels that out. It is also one of the more beautiful movie to have come out this year. The expert cinematography by veteran Caleb Deschanel will keep the audience enchanted even when Salma Hayek does have her clothes on. He also has some great love scenes that are really personal and emotional. Still, this is not the masterpiece that we have come to expect from Towne, but it is still worthy of mentioning and watching.

7 thoughts on “Quick Review: Ask the Dust B

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