Quick Review: 8 Below B-

Hello, my quick review series will contain movies of 2006 that I have seen and haven’t reviewed in alphabetical order. The reviews will be much shorter. Ill have one a day.

A Film Review By Stefan Vlahov

Take Paul Walker, a team of sled dogs, some great winter scenery, a plot involving life-or-death situations, and there you have your normal Disney formula for what a family film should be. Yes, it’s cliched, and yes, Paul Walker’s acting isn’t very good, but even so, the film has some great moments involving the canine characters and a leopard seal. This film also pulls for the heart string almost relentlessly, and the dogs turn in great performances. This film will greatly appeal to dog lovers and people who like inspiring survival stories in a good-natured package. So even though this film is greatly flawed, I recommend it, if you want an experience that is both beautiful, cute, and emotional all at the same time. Just don’t accept to see a good performance from Paul Walker.

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